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  • Amelia

#WIMM Q+A 4 - Are female motorsport fans underrepresented?

(23/11/20) For #WomenInMotorsportMonth, I'm talking to women in the sport - fans and professionals - and asking them key questions to celebrate our past, assess our present, and consider the future.

For today’s question I asked @LuciaGnclvs and @JessDaniels80 about female fans. “How many female motorsport fans do you know in real life? Would you say that you know more female F1 fans, than people think there are? Outside of Twitter, are female fans underrepresented?”

Lucia -

Around 15-20, maybe? I think it’s such a shame that so many people, especially men, don’t believe that a woman can like motorsport, and I do think that, unfortunately, female fans outside of Twitter, are not represented well enough. I think that people’s opinions may have to do something to do with that!

Jessica -

I have met many female motorsport fans when I am going to motorsport related activities, like when I work at the Silverstone Experience - where there is a 50/50 split of female to male staff. However, in general, I think I have only met one female motorsport fan by pure chance, and she happens to be on my Masters course. In my personal opinion, I believe there may be less female fans of the sport, but female fans are more likely to get involved in motorsport, as well as just watching it.

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