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  • Amelia

#WIMM Q+A 2 - “What do you think is one reason for a lack of female representation?”


For #WomenInMotorsportMonth, I'm talking to women in the sport - fans and professionals - and asking them key questions to celebrate our past, assess our present, and consider the future.

Today’s answer comes from @laranotsocroft, and examines the deeper reason behind representation. The question is “What do you think is one of the reasons about a lack of female representation, that people might not consider?”

I think one of the reasons that for a lack of female representation that people don't always consider, is that people often instinctually discredit women's voices in male-dominated spaces, because it's something most people aren't conscious of. You are so used to seeing men in every aspect of the sport (men = information) and the picture of the grid girl (women = looking pretty) is so deeply ingrained that it's easy to trust the male voices more at first glance than the female ones. We all should really reflect on how we view men and women in motorsport, and consciously check that we don't disadvantage women just because we're so used to seeing and listening to the established men. Obviously, women are just as qualified as men to know what they are doing, and what they’re talking about.

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